Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fairy Stamp & Vintage Trim ( Mission 2012 - Use It! Card Edition )

I had forgotten about this vintage trim that I had. Scavenging through my ribbons, I saw this funky trim & just knew it was meant for this piece. I used a bit of it on the tag, too! Waste nothing - It's my crafting motto.

I had previously made the cardstock base & added patterned
paper. Since my goal is to use my stuff, I've been making
multiples of my cards if I had pre-made bases for it.

This card was inspired by one challenge - See below for link & details, so you can join in the fun & create your own card:

These cards will be available at my shop - Click here to make one or all three your very own!


Loves Happy Hour said...

i love this! he leaf is awesome and the flower is too cute!

Pin And Tack said...

Thank you!

I made those leaves a while ago - Originally to sell in my supply shop, but I never listed them. I figured I should do something with them. And there's never like the NOW.