Thursday, March 22, 2012


I had this idea in my head for this card, so I just started putting it on the card. Sometimes (much like everyday life) things just don't come out as you'd hope. I'm not quite sure if I like this card or not yet. I like plenty of the elements - especially the banner (handmade, yes.) Hhmm . . . Let me know what you think - Is it a craft fail?

I inked the banner, flowers & letters for some added detail
& to match the dark purple in the trim.

The letters are stickers that I gave a little "lift" to, so they
would all be the same height across the trim, which is kind of thick.

This card was inspired by one challenge - See below for the link & details, so you can join in the fun & share your own creation:

This card is available for FREE! Yep, it's free. Click here if you'd like to have it as your very own.


Caroline Tan said...

i like it. Window in a frame.

Pin And Tack said...

Thank you, Caroline!