Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Flowers (2012 Mission: Use It! Card Edition)

These cards are the first in a collection of creations that I am making as my goal for 2012: Use it! Instead of buying, storing & basically just imagining, I am going to actually use my craft supplies. A novel idea, huh?

The pansy is a vellum sticker that I placed on paper,
trimmed, added a rhinestone & raised up for more dimension.

This card was inspired by one challenge - See below for link & details, so you can join in the fun & create your own card:

This card is available for FREE! Yep, it's free. Click here if you'd like to have it as your very own.


Caroline Tan said...

I really like the butterfly paper!

Loves Happy Hour said...

i always try to make this a goal of mine too, but it is hard to do at times! i tell myself all the time that i'm not going to buy more paper, and to use what i have. then i have a specific project with certain colors and i don't have the right colors, so i have to go buy more. buying paper is addicting!

Michelle Looi said...

Pretty Pretty Pretty! Lovely colors!
Thanks for joining us at 365cards!

Pin And Tack said...

I know! It's completely addicting . . . I've decided to use what I have for now. If I happen to need something for a special order, then I will buy it when I actually need it. Hard, hard, hard to live by!

Pin And Tack said...

It's super sweet! I love it, too :)

Pin And Tack said...

Thank you, thank you!