Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Cake

Who doesn't like cake? Even when it's made from cardstock, I can imagine it as a real thing. Rich, creamy & chock full of sugar . . . give me just a moment . . . Ok, I'm done with my sweets fantasy. This card features a REAL candle - Isn't that fantastic?

This card was submitted for challenges - See below for the links & details, so you can join in the fun & share your own creation:

Going Buggy: March Challenge (Ends April 9th)

It will be available in my shop (click here) if you'd like to give this to someone special :)


Enfys said...

What a gorgeous card! Thanks for taking part in the going buggy challenge this month and good luck
Enfys x

Pin And Tack said...

Thank you, Enfys! You made a great challenge & it was fun to see what everyone else came up with :)