Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Handmade

To me, handmade is a beautiful thing. It means no commercial, mass-produced, see it everywhere. I am a strong believer in this idea that we have run away from. Yes, it can be a little more in $, but it also was created by a person! Yes, a person not a machine - what a novel idea, huh?

So, here are few handmade goodies available for you. These include Pin & Tack's Item Of The Day along with creations from my fellow design team members at Tuesday Alchemy. Enjoy!

{ Cranberry & Sunshine Vintage Clothes Pins by Pin & Tack }
{ Vintage Style Butterflies Collage by Julia Peculiar }


JuliaPeculiar said...

Great post Corrinne! I'm always willing to pay more for handmade because I appreciate the love and care that has gone in to the making of something handmade rather than an item that has been spat out of a factory,you can see and feel the love that has been put in to a handmade item and that makes them very special. Love to see what fab creations my fellow DT members come up with,you've got skills! :o) xxx

Pin And Tack said...

Thank you, Julia! I am always happy to toot everyone at Tuesday Alchemy's horn 'cause everyone is just fantastic - creatively & personally. I am blessed to create with such beautiful women :)

Dianna Fielding said...

Handmade things can often be cheaper, too. And the sentimental value adds a lot. I love to crochet, so seeing things like this is inspiring.

Good luck with the challenge!

Dianna Fielding

Loves Happy Hour said...

Thanks Corrinne for including my card in your post! Love this post! I am a true believer in things handmade! I too think it's WAY better! It adds a little personal touch and makes the person feel special!

Angel said...

Very nice items.

Pin And Tack said...

Thank you, Angel!