Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for Nona's Needles (A Double N!)

Mondays are normally reserved for Pin & Tack's Item Of The Day. Today I decided to feature another wonderful shop, Nona's Needles. First of all, it has two Ns, which works great for today's A To Z challenge. Second, it is my mama's shop. I am a huge fan (& not just because she's my mother, either!)

Nona is a daily crafter, who enjoys crocheting & knitting along with cross stitch & sewing. She has been creating for a very long time & I don't recall a time when she didn't have some project going on. Her pieces are splendid & I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Below is an example of her cross stitch work. She created this just for me - No reason, just because & she had it framed, too. It's 18"x22" unframed, so it's a poster sized beauty. There is beadwork throughout.

Check out Nona's Needles & if you use Coupon Code: PINANDTACK at checkout you will receive 10% off your order. Thanks, Nona!

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