Friday, May 25, 2012

Jewelry Joy: The Art Of Balancing - Susan Miller, SKM Artworks

SKM Artworks --- the art of balancing the many sides of me.
by Susan Miller - founder SKM Artworks

As someone who’s always had a passion for art and crafting, you’d think I would’ve headed straight in that direction careerwise. The idea of listening to an inner voice directing me towards an inspired career I’d love wasn’t one I was familiar with. So off to college to earn a business degree, onto a great job developing great business skills with much financial success but no happy inner voice. Okay, a voice is starting to stir in there - career change!!

{ Susan Miller - Founder of SKM Artworks }
Back to graduate school to earn a masters in social work. This I LOVE and find rewarding, but should I have listened to the not so inner voice of my husband predicting I’d get the degree, get pregnant and never use it? Well, maybe... because that’s kind of what happened. I became the stay at home mom I always wanted to be for my kids and did not return to a career in social work. BUT then again, my passion for social work is ingrained in my handmade jewelry business.

In 2010 I began SKM Artworks as an outlet for my creativity with the mission to create gorgeous wearable art. I soon discovered that this adventure could also be a great outlet for the social worker side of me. After researching companies with reputations for doing well while doing good, I knew that this was for me. SKM Artworks would offer gorgeously unique handmade jewelry that would convey individual style while making the woman FEEL as good as she looked - because she’s contributing to the greater good through her purchases.
{ Edgy Princess Cuff }
So, aside from supporting many great local causes through product donations, I’ve also developed several pieces with sales supporting fantastic causes: iHug WristhugIgniteOasis. ( See our Causes page for the juicy details). I LOVE THESE TYPES OF COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS! What a fulfilling way to balance the many sides of me; the artist, the social worker and the business woman. Yep, those business skills sure come in handy now, too!
{ Ignite - Supports for Kula For Karma }
{ iHug Wristhug - Supports the International Help Uganda Grow  (IHUG) Foundation }
{ Oasis - Supports Oasis, a Haven For Women & Children }
Oh, and did I mention those other sides of me? The nature loving, textile weaving, obsessive jewelry maker? That part’s easy... The nature inspired feel I love, works so seamlessly with my materials of choice; certified-green natural leathers and waxed linens that we hand-weave with an endless array of gorgeous precious and semi-precious stones, luminous pearls, and precious metals incorporating original and found treasures. 
The result? Handwoven jewelry that possesses an earthy organic quality that feels as if it was grown rather than made; rustic and meaningful with a luxury twist.
{ Spring }
And finally, through lot’s of trial and error, SKM Artworks has taught me how to balance all these sides of me with the most important side - my family side. I’ve somehow managed, through tons of support from my husband/CFO and three wonderful sons, to balance a thriving home life with a thriving work life. Having a home studio and working with a staff of other amazing artisans/stay-at-home moms (Jodi and Aishling - couldn’t do it without you!) has led to such a flexible, supportive and FUN work environment. So rather than feeling split, I get to balance all sides of me and I wouldn’t have SKM Artworks any other way! Inner voice HAPPY!!!!!
{ Stranded }
And to honor that Happy Inner voice, we’re offering coupon code “HappySKM20” to receive 20% off your first purchase at SKM Artworks. Valid through June 30, 2012. Buy something special to wear this summer that makes you happy!
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Sonia said...

Really beautiful jewelry:)
They are versatiles, go well with casual wear or elegant wear.

Tonya H said...

Susan, your jewelry is gorgeous. The color combinations are fabulous. I loved reading your story. Thank you for sharing.

Susan said...

Thanks so much Tonya!

Susan said...

Thanks Sonia! I do try to create versatile pieces with lots of layering options or various ways of wearing. Helps to have one piece that can take the place of several! Have a great weekend!

Rhissanna said...

I love the earthy, organic feel of these pieces. very tactile.

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I love this kind of jewelry to watch and wear, thanks to share the blog.

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