Monday, July 2, 2012

Soap Monthly, July 2012

Since I know how to make soap, I make all of the soap that is used by my partner & I. Every month, I bring out my supplies & make up a large batch, so we don't have to worry about being nice & clean for the month (or buying those yucky beauty bars!) I will be sharing my creations every month - Won't that be fun? All of my soaps are 100% vegan . . . No animal ingredients & no animal testing.

Color: Smoky Blue
Scent: Vintage Rose

A generous helping of dried herbs makes this soap perfect for exfoliating the body.

Color: Greens
Scent: Bamboo Hemp

I added French Green Clay, which removes impurities & toxins, making it perfect for a facial soap (if you don't have sensitive skin.)

Color: Gold Shimmer/Smoky Blue
Scent: Patchouli/Berry Sorbet

The gold half has lovely chamomile powder & buds. It's heavenly as an exfoliant as well as adding a delightful chamomile scent.

Do you make your own soap or other beauty products?
If so, what do you like to create? Do you sell them or are they just for personal use?


Sonia said...

Wow Corinne,beautiful useful soap:)
Love your creations:)

AnnScrapDeadesign said...

beautiful and usefully. :) :) :) selling it fine is an additional profit.

Michaela said...

Hi Corrinne
These soaps are brilliant. So beautiful to look at and full of interesting ingredients. I have made a soap only once using a kit but it was way too expensive for what I got out of it.
Michaela xx

jimlynn said...

This just look good enough to eat - but will pass on that one! LOL! I used to make soap all the time and need to get back in that! These look wonderful.