Thursday, August 8, 2013

Limited Quantities & Imperfect Beauties: Save 25 - 55% Off!

25 - 55% Off Select Items - Already marked down & ready to ship!

{Tofu & Blossom Distressed Clothes Pins with Petal Dust}
Limited quantities are items that have already been created.
They are patiently waiting for a loving home - Will that be yours?

Once they sale, they will be re-listed at their regular price.
It's Pin & Tack's Spring, er, Summer clearing time :)

I'm making room in my studio, so all of my items will soon be made-to-order.

{Blueberry & Lavender Distressed Clothes Pins - Imperfect Beauties}
Imperfect Beauties are made using clothes pins that just didn't make the cut.
They have chips, broken ends or other imperfections, but they are still perfectly functional.
They still receive the same tender, loving crafting with a plump discount.

To take advantage of these specials, visit Pin & Tack's Etsy Shop here.

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