Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dogs Need Emergency Care, Too!

Yes, they most certainly do! And Dogs for the Deaf understands that.
Dogs for the Deaf provides support to its dogs and people throughout their lives. This includes medical care, which is paid for through their Emergency Vet Fund.
Fizza, Hearing Dog
Whether its for a one-time or lifelong need, Dogs for the Deaf provides funds for the necessary medical care to the placed and in-training dogs, so they can continue to do their very important work with helping their people.
You can provide directly to this fund by noting RNA Emergency Veterinary Fund (for Assistance Dogs) or Ed Caurduro Veterinary Fund (for Career Change Dogs) when you make your donation.
Hopper, Dog-In-Training
During January through February, $1 from every listing sold at Pin & Tack will be donated to Dogs for the Deaf. You can help this cause by shopping boutique, handmade finds or giving directly to the cause. Either is appreciated!

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