Saturday, January 11, 2014

You've Got . . . Something FREE Coming Your Way?

On a regular basis, I share something free on Pin & Tack Delights (FB page.)
One of my favorite places to find freebies for crafting is JenniferScraps.
She creates digital scrapbook papers that perfectly wonderful.

The above graphic was created using papers from her Summers End collection.

She is a very generous soul and you will find free digital supplies at a steady pace.
Follow her blog, like her Facebook & let her know how fantastic she is!

'Cause we all know that there is nothing like getting something for free.
(And we want her to keep doing it, right?)

Blessings & joy, yours truly . . . Corrinne Quinn

PS - You are welcome to share the photo above as long as you do not alter it in anyway. Thank you!

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