Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Is For . . . (Blogging From A To Z Challenge 2014)

Welcome to Blogging From A To Z series with Pin & Tack.
It's all about challenging yourself to write based on a letter.

Today's letter is . . .

My automatic thought was "apples" - Ha ha ha. Not very creative, right? Well, I don't mind going with the easy, but I decided to try a few different words.

My inspiration is handmade. I adore all things handmade. I spend a little too much time checking out others' craftiness. Now, I can justify it. I must look 'cause I need some As to share with you!


Did you enjoy this little exploration? What A word would you have chosen?
Don't be shy - share yours in the comments & stay tuned tomorrow when I explore the B word.

With blessings & joy, yours truly . . . Corrinne Quinn


A. Catherine Noon said...

Wow! How inspiring. I love handmade things too! Thank you for sharing your ideas. I look forward to visiting again during the A-Z challenge!

Lisa Moles said...

From one crafty person to another - fun pix, fun ideas. Can't wait to see what else you come up with through the alphabet.

Lisa @ My Sweet Peanut
A is for Alzheimer's

Corrinne Quinn said...

Thank you, ladies! I enjoyed this post and looking forward to visiting other A posts :)

Corrinne Q