Thursday, April 3, 2014

C Is For . . . (Blogging From A To Z Challenge 2014)

Welcome to Blogging From A To Z with Pin & Tack.
It's all about writing about a different letter each day in April.

Today's letter is . . .

Well, this one was easy. Can you guess what I chose? It might be shameful, but I choose to say it's shameless self-promotion. You've been warned, but I think you'll enjoy it either way. (Fingers-crossed.)

Clothespins is my word of the day and it's also Pin & Tack's specialty.
For today only, any purchase from the shop will garner double donations for Farm Sanctuary.
(For more details, see "Awareness & Charities" page.)

Customer Favorites . . .
Cream & Raven Mini Clothespins
Tea Rose & Chocolate Mini Clothespins

My Favorites . . .
Rain Boot Clothespins - Red
Berry Ice Cream Clothespins
What's your favorite clothespins from Pin & Tack? Share it in the comments. If you need ideas for how to use my handmade clothespins, check out Pin & Tack on Pinterest.

With blessings & joy, yours truly . . . Corrinne Quinn


M.C.V. Egan said...

What a fun blog! Clothespin as a choice for #a2zchallenge rocks great to connect ! I am #1547

Amanda Taylor said...

OMG your clothespins are adorable! I love the first two your posted. Lovely!