Sunday, November 9, 2014

Extraordinary Workshop Of Oddities

I found this wonderful shop, Extraordinary Workshop Of Oddities, through an Etsy team.
And I fell in love immediately with their whimsical, weird & fun creations.

I spoke to Vani, aka Lyla Estrella, one of the artists behind EWO . . .

CQ: What is EWO?

Vani: We create inspirational bags, trinkets, unique toys with a soul, pin buttons, funny bowties, bracelets, baggies, scrunchies and other things for teenagers, kids, women, men, pets.

CQ: Why handmade?

Vani: We’ve always been creative, and we always wanted to make the world a better place. That’s how and why we created Extraordinary Workshop of Oddities.

CQ: Who is behind EWO?

Vani: There are three artisans in our shop. I am Lyla Estrella, and I am representative of EWO in USA. I can describe myself as “Insane Dreamer Who Wants To Change The World”. Everything I do is for animals. It is my purpose to make their life better here on this planet.

Proud Vegan Piggy Poe, Stuffed Pin Button

I am a volunteer, vegan, musician, animal rights activist, writer, artisan and a fighter. I care a lot about nature and I believe you should always be true to yourself and fight for your dreams and for what you believe in.

I believe in magic, fairies and unicorns, kind and bold hearts, in beauty of rain and real Santa Claus. I believe in music because it’s my life’s elixir.

Rocky Sebastian Orangeade, Stuffed Keychain

I love tattoos and piercing, orange and turquoise colors, vanilla perfumes and seaweed. I am a mix of dark and bright clouds, enjoying and finding my inspiration in both of them.

CQ: You said that there are three artisans. Who are the other two?

Vani: Yes. There are 3 artisans in the shop - Lyla Estrella (me), Roma Mistress and Lana Viazul’ka. They represent EWO in Ukraine. We all create odd things with our Oddities and do management stuff.

Roma makes bowties, oddities’ art, fabric bags and bracelets. She is a Fighter of Dreams. She wants to inspire people on achieving their dreams and aspirations. All her drawings are inspirational, sincere and odd. Just the way she is.

Yellow Flower Organic Linen Bow Tie by Roma Mistress

Lana makes knitted odd goods and bracelets, too. She is a Warmth Creator and likes to stand out from the crowd. That’s why everything she’s making is unique, warm and odd. Of course :) Lana wants to help homeless children and children who need special care.

Knitted Bow Tie Clutch by Lana Viazul'ka 

CQ: How do you support animals?

With every sold item, our odd workshop gives one handmade toy for animals in a shelter and provides a can of cruelty-free food to animals on the streets.

CQ: Where do your donated toys end up? 

Vani: As for charity, right now we donate toys to For Animals Inc. shelter in NYC. For Animals is dedicated to eliminating companion animal homelessness. They do so much for animals, not only cats (considering to be a cat shelter, they also save opossums, chicken, dogs and all kinds of animals who come across and need help). Visit them to support!

Charity Photo, Instant Download, Donation To Help Homeless Cats & Dogs, EWO

CQ: You volunteer your time and food. Where does this happen?

Vani: We buy food for stray dogs and cats in Mariupol, Ukraine. There’s no shelter there yet, so all we can do is to feed animals and protect them by providing warm clothes and possible temporary shelter. Also we help to do a TNR program there.

Charity Photo, Instant Download, Donation To Help Homeless Cats & Dogs, EWO

Did you enjoy the journey into their world? Share your favorite EWO item in the comments.
Please stop by their shop, like their Facebook, follow on Pinterest, spread the word of their oddness.
And, in the words of Extraordinary Workshop Of Oddities, be odd & do kind.

With blessings & joy, yours truly . . . Corrinne Quinn

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