Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jewelry Joy - Paper Beads & Bijoux Lovlie

I came across this wonderful blog quite by accident, Veganlovlie. It's a versatile blog by Teenuja with lots interesting things from recipes to tutorials to musings. She caught my eye instantly with a fabulous tutorial on how to create your own paper beads.

Teenuja was happy to answer a few questions about herself & her craft along with sharing her paper bead tutorial with us. You can find the full tutorial here.

How did you get into the art of jewelry making? 

I got into jewelry making really unexpectedly. I was looking for a specific pendant as a gift for my boyfriend and I couldn’t find one. You know when you have a picture in your mind and nothing is matching up to it! So, I decided to look for some red earth clay (which I've worked with before in my art classes during my school days) that I could mould and sculpt into that particular shape I wanted. While searching for an online supply, I happened to fall on polymer clay which was unknown to me at that time. After reading a bit about it and seeing what other people were making with it, I decided to get polymer clay instead (of earth clay). So that was how it all started. I made my first pendant for my boyfriend.

Then afterward, as I gained more experience handling polymer clay, I started liking it and began to explore.

What is your favorite thing about it?  

What I like about handling and moulding clay is that I find it really relaxing. It is my evening and weekend hobby when I’m not doing my day job. Polymer clay is also very versatile and creativity is limited only to your imagination.

What is your least favorite thing? 

I’ve never thought about that. I don’t have anything that I don’t like about it because I have no expectation on the outcome of this. I am not pressured into producing something within a certain deadline. I enjoy every moment while I’m doing my crafts so the very moment itself is what brings me joy. Every piece made contains so much love and happiness.

What do you do when you are not creating? 

When I’m not creating? Well, quite literally I’m creating something else! I have a multitude of things that I love doing and sometimes I really have a hard time choosing which one to give in to at the present moment. I really love cooking, writing recipes and styling food. Then shooting them for my blog. I am passionate about photography and would welcome the opportunity to learn more about it. So sometimes, I am just walking around shooting stuffs: the bumble bee on the balcony flowers, the fresh spring blooms, any random scenery, the moon, just about anything! I also like sewing, making my own clothes. I've still got to make more use of my sewing machine. Then I work as a graphic ui designer, so I still can’t get away from creating!

But when I’m really not actively creating anything, I like to relax and energize with a bit of yoga and stretching.
I find it quite calming to also sit quietly sometimes doing just nothing. There is a little corner in my living room which I’ve surrounded by plants. Whenever I need a moment I just sit in that corner and spend some time with myself, maybe just gazing at a soft candle light. Doing nothing in this way is a great healer, pacifier and sometimes a source of inspiration too.

To conclude, I would say that when we engage in what we are naturally suited to do, our activities become like play and in playing we stimulate our creativity. So play on, play on! You can follow me on my blog, on Facebook or Twitter and you can have a look at my Etsy store.


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Tonya H said...

Fabulous interview. I loved the answer to the least favorite thing question. Thanks for the tutorial!

Lovlie said...

Thank you Tonya for your nice comments. :)

And thank you Corrinne for this opportunity to feature my tutorial on your blog. :) I'm discovering a lot of other interesting artists and crafts from this blog.

Loves Happy Hour said...

I've tried making these before, mine didn't come out as nice! :(

Thanks for sharing this!

Sonia said...

Beautiful original idea :) Thanks for tutorial! I read with pleasure your interview:) lovely person:)

Rhissanna said...

paper beads never go out of fashion. The earliest mention I've seen of them was in a 1920's girls' annual, but even there they talked about paper beads as a old fashioned technique. I wish I still had the book, it was full of all kinds of interesting crafts. Thank you for the tutorial here and reminding me how lovely these beads are.