Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jewelry Joy - Claudia of Youniques: An Artist's Story

We all know that one person can change your life, sending you on a path that you may not have taken otherwise. When it inspires your creativity, there is nothing better! My special guest, Claudia, shares her story, an example of just how this happens, with us today . . .

My name is Claudia Rapp, I come from a very small and beautiful country, Guatemala! I came to the USA in 1996. My mother is a very strong and hardworking woman, my father a carpenter/handyman who knows how to do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! I’m married to a very beautiful man and live in the high desert of ActonCalifornia. I love animals and live on a “little farm” myself (or “petting zoo” as my husband calls it). I have a very special and unique family and consider myself a very lucky and blessed!

I was exposed to crafting from a very early age on, in school as well as at home.  I learned knitting, stitching, crocheting, sewing, handmade greeting cards, crafting, baking, cooking, and pretty much anything else you could possible need to become a perfect housewife one day! I love it all with the exception of cooking… My father is one my biggest inspirations and has thought me so much about wood as well.

How did I get into handmade jewelry? My very first job in the USA was for a small business named “THE SILVER CORNER” that sold silver jewelry from Tasco GuerreroMexico. I learned a lot about sterling silver there and fell in love their designs!

The Youniques Ring was designed by my husband 12 years ago, a project of his that he dropped when other things came along. When I met him he gave me one of the rings he had left over and I immediately started creating/designing elements for it to match my outfits (and I received lots of compliments J). My husband (boyfriend back then) said that he had a box full of rings left and that I could have them, if I wanted to. So, I took a few rings and started doing my very unique elements and giving them away as gifts to my friends. They loved it! And they asked me to make more elements for them. With all the positive feedback I was suggested to sell them.

After getting married in 2007 and moving to our little home a year later, I finally got the box that my husband had offered me back then and was ready to start this new journey. With all the support from my husband and friends here I am. I have been working with a lot of different material such as 100% wool felt, leather, wood, cork, etc. and I can’t stop thinking of new ideas and designs. I enjoy every second of it! I recently added the BLING COLLECTION – 13 beautiful different colors of crystallized filigrees to choose from and I am working on my next collection … “Leather” so stay tuned … also, I will be adding some leather cuffs to match the Youniques Leather Rings!

What I love the most about HANDMADE is that every single item has this one-of-a-kind magical touch. In every element and ring style I create is a part of me. I love that with Youniques, I can combine the things I'm passionate about: crafts, happy colors, photography, and designing. And I’m glad that I can help the planet a little bit by recycling scraps and using them for my work.

With so many ideas and designs waiting to become reality, I am in the process of opening a second shop where I can add all my other handmade creations…
~♥ Join the HANDMADE revolution ♥~

Thank you, Claudia, for sharing your journey & your craft with us!

To see more of Claudia's creations, you can go to Youniques. She is offering a wonderful special to my blog readers! Receive $10 off your order AND Free Shipping*. Use Coupon Code: BLOGGERDISE. 

* Note: Coupon code is for free shipping only and expires 6/30/12. To receive $10 off, you must contact Claudia before making a purchase by 7/31/12. 


Lovlie said...

Very nice and inspiring to hear stories from others. I love the rings, very unique style. :)

Tonya H said...

Loved reading your story, Claudia. Your rings are amazing! Simply gorgeous!! Off to check out your store.

Sonia said...

Wonderful creations,I love these rings:)
(Finally the photo of your face,You are a beautiful girl!!)

Sonia said...

Thanks Corinne to invite me on your challenge,I want to share with you :)
Big big hug,

Unknown said...

Thank you Girls!! Corinne thank you so much for all your help and for letting me be a part of the JEWELRY JOY =D!


PhreshThreadz said...

Claudia he sido una fan de tu tienda desde la primera vez que la conoci, y me alegra mucho leer de tu historia!! Gracias por compartirla!

Jeff Hardy said...

thanks for this informative post. Now you can use this b2b sites in india directory to promote silver jewelry import & export business.

Claudia R. said...

Phresh Threadz!! Muchas Gracias por tus palabras y arriba "THE HANDMADE REVOLUTION"!!

Rhissanna said...

I really love the little heart ring.