Friday, June 22, 2012

Blog Hop Til You Drop!

It's a Friday blog hop & it's open to all bloggers! Sponsored by Blog Hop Everyday, you can add your blog to the list & join fellow bloggers in a rules free hop.

Blog Hops Everyday Friday Blog Hop

Yes, there are no rules. That is true, but the host does have a couple of requests. They are simple & in everyone's best interest to do them.

  1. Post their badge somewhere on your blog, whether its a post (like I did) or your sidebar. This is always good because it'll bring people to the hop, so they can join up &/or check out the blogs. It'll bring you more visitors!
  2. Follow BHE's blog. This is always a good idea because their new blog hop post will show up in your reading list. Then you won't miss out on a blog hop! Plus, they also have a Social Media Monday Hop for your twitter, facebook & other non-blog medias.
I am also offering the link list here for you. You can just add your name & blog address to it, then it'll show up on all of the posts that have this link list. Isn't that just groovy?

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