Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vegan Barbecue Bonanza: Make It Pretty!

When you have a barbecue, decorating is often best left simple. Since you typically spend your time outside, you really don't need to improve Mother Nature. Also, the focus is on the food, so you can keep everything else clean & simple.

A perfect example is a banner using clothes pins. I created this one using cardstock, chipboard letters, ink, paper & faux flowers.

The clothes pins were painted & distressed before I added glitter to one side. You don't have to fancy them up, though. Plain wood clothes pins are just as delightful for displaying a banner.

Instead of a word, you can hang your special notes for your guests or recipes that you want to share with them.

And definitely bring nature into your decor! Place mason jars with freshly cut herbs on tables. Not only is it pretty, but guests can add them to their foods or just enjoy their fragrance. Small bouquets of flowers tied with twine are lovely and guests can keep them as a little gift.

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Michaela said...

Hi Corrinne
This just does not look pretty, it is gorgeous. Anyone looking should enlarge the picture because it is really worth the closer look!
Michaela xx

Corrinne of Pin & Tack said...

I hung my banner in front of my Japanese Maple tree. It's so full right now. I have to learn how to trim it because I don't think it's branches will be able hold anymore leaves when it grows again!