Saturday, July 14, 2012

Follow Your Crafty Heart

{ Blown Glass Heart }

Alyssa Day knows the importance of following your crafty heart. She started out with plans to be a computer designer for spacecraft systems. After listening to her true calling, she switched her career path & chose one that was creative.

This decision changed her life, making it a happier & leading her down the path to discovering her craft.

{ Steampunk Glass Gears Necklace }

Alyssa creates a variety of arts. They all can be found at her shop, GlassSculptureOrg. Home decor, jewelry & ornaments are just a few of things she offers.

She loves to learn new skills, combine those different skills & create unique items!

{ Soap Dish }

You can find Alyssa & her creativity here:


Joy Alyssa said...

Thank you for a beautiful feature! And for choosing to show my steampunk necklaces! I love those!! Peace, Joy Alyssa

mimika said...

love the necklace! thanks for sharing :)

check out my new blog post too thx :)