Monday, July 16, 2012

She Paints Beauty

{ Violets & Forget-Me-Nots Flower Vase }

I have always longed to be a painter. I try, try again & then I just give up for the time being. Someday, I will be one! For now, I enjoy viewing others' creations . . .

Lisianblue is one of those shops that I have just found & love to visit. It's made up of handpainted glass that is truly beautiful.

Kris is the creator of Lisianblue. The name of her shop came from one of her favorite flowers - the blue listhianthus. She lives in New Mexico, using her greatest ability: creating!

{ Stained Glass Butterfly }

Kris doesn't just paint glass. She also creates beautiful stained glass pieces. They are stunning in their simplicity!

She also offers appliques & ornaments that are equally lovely & definitely worth the look.

{ Hibiscus Ornament }

You can discover more of Kris & Lisianblue here:


Gail said...

Very nice write up about Lisian!

Daffydill Deb said...

This was very nicely written up. I think it's too funny we both decided on a couple of the same shop items! Great job!

Judy Cogo Designs said...

Nice post. Love the heart ornaments.

lisianblue Kris said...

Your title just makes me feel so special - that's the best compliment - and so nicely written, Thank you! ♥

Wyvern Designs said...

Great feature! The painted vase is wonderful. Kris is a talented artist.