Sunday, August 12, 2012

C Is For Clothes Pins

Clothes pins are my specialty. Here is what I was doing on Saturday.
It didn't take me all day, but there is drying time, so I can get other things done.

What did you do on Saturday?


Julie Short said...

You had musch more fun than me with your clothes pegs. I can just imagine how you will be using them too! Not for how I did on saturday, Yep, that's right pegging them to the line!

Carla said...

Lovely! I keep seeing all these neat ideas for things to try! Love it!

Margaret said...

Love the color and the glittery tips! After seeing all of the wonderful things you are doing to clothes pins, I really need to go out and buy some more so I can just play around with them! Unfortunately, most of the ones in my house now either hang clothes or hold chip bags closed...not nearly as much fun!!