Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wear A Little Nature

{ Unakite & New Jade Bracelet }

There is no better way to decorate yourself than using pieces of nature. Judy Cogo Designs is the perfect place to find these pieces!

Judy Cogo is a self-taught jewelry artist from Canada. Her fascination with fashion and having the right accessory spurred her to start creating her own jewelry.

She creates with what she loves: gemstones, wire wrapping & crochet. Her jewelry is unique and stunning.

{ Amethyst & Rose Earrings }

Judy loves to learn new techniques in jewelry making. Her style is constantly evolving and changing as she incorporates new designs and materials into her art.

{ Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace }

If you would like to see more of Judy's lovely accessories, you may visit her here:

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Hi Corrinne, thanks for such a lovely article.