Sunday, October 27, 2013

Join Me . . . Pin & Tack's Got A Face On The Book

Pin & Tack is more active than ever on Facebook. Join me to discover so many different things. Since I share a broad range of subjects, here are only a few features to be enjoyed!

Midnight Marvels: My favorite handmade shops will be featured at 12 AM PST. In November, EtsyVeg team shops will be the focus with a special "Vegan At Midnight."

{Source: Agabag, Multicolor Lego Clutch, $180.}

Do you have a vegan shop? I am always looking. Leave a comment with your shop link and I will take a gander.

Send Card Not Email: There is just something about receiving a handmade card in the mail. An email doesn't compare - Don't you agree? I will be sharing a fabulous creation that I've found at 10 PM PST, Wednesday - Saturday.

If you would like your own card to be featured, please send the link to my email: with subject line "Send Card Not Email."

{Source: Lucy Loves Scrapbooking, 100% Wicked Card.}

Recycled Arts & Crafts: In this garbage-filled world, it's important to recycle or reuse. Let's make the Earth a greener, healthier place by repurposing what would otherwise end up in a landfill or worse!

Do you have a recycled project? I welcome it! With "Recycled Arts/Crafts" in the subject line, your link can be sent to and I will share it.

{Source: You Are On God's Heart Today, Tin Crowns, $8.50 - $28.50.}
Shop Talk: Pin & Tack is on a new journey. I am now donating to a special charity, promoting awareness and supporting an important cause. Shop news will be at hand with discounts, giveaways, sales and much more.

This October, I am donating $1 from every non-sale pink item to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Also, you can enjoy 10% OFF your order with Coupon Code: HALLOWEEN2013 for the EtsyVeg Spooktacular Event until 10/31/13.

{Source: Tea Rose & Chocolate Distressed Mini Clothes Pins, Pin & Tack, $5.99.}

* Pin & Tack's Facebook page is public. Anything you provide me will be visible by anyone who wants to take a look.

** If your share is not published online, don't fret! I am happy to do so for you. Please provide your photo and information, including link if applicable, that you would like me to use for credit.

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