Tuesday, November 12, 2013

10 Ways To Show How Deer We Are To Each Other

We are so deer to each other and always will be.

1. Paying for the other person's coffee when cash is short.

2. Spending time together.

3. Supporting each other's endeavors.

4. Crafting together.
Deer Hat Crochet Pattern, Simply2Irrestible

5. Enjoying sweets with no guilt.
Antler Cupcake Toppers, Through Thick And Thin

6. Outdoor adventures.
Twin Fauns Photo, Steider Studios

7. Sharing funny stuff with each other on Facebook.
Deer iPad Sleeve, Bagz Girl Designs

8. Sending cards for special occasions or no reason at all.
Deer Letterpress Card, Letterary Press

9. Pillow fights. We're never too old to have one :)
Deer Pillow, Smiling Cloud

10. Just being there. Just in case.
Deer Coaster Holder, Stone Gifts

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