Thursday, November 14, 2013

Reuse Or Repurpose: Ideas For Vintage Luggage

Discover clever ways to use vintage luggage.
(Spoiler Alert: I quite enjoyed the medicine cabinet.)

Instead of baskets, boxes or the closet, store your things in vintage luggage.
You can also stack them to use as a unique night stand. See more of this home that did just that!

With vintage luggage, you can have unique and very interesting shelves.
You can create your own with these step-by-step instructions.

One your vintage luggage is no longer pretty, breath new life into it by planting a herb garden in it.

Easily turn vintage luggage into chalkboards, so can always share messages with flair.

And, now, just for your vintage luggage loving viewing pleasure . . .

Gray Tweed Vintage Suitcases, Passed By

Care Bears Suitcase, 1986, Silver Lining Toys
Ha ha ha! I love this simply because I grew up with the Care Bears.
Also, vintage can be fun. It doesn't always have to so adult and sophisticated.

Antique Makeup Suitcase, circa 1940s, Uncommon Recycables

Plaited Bamboo Vintage Suitcase, circa 1940s, Dreem Co.

Wasn't that a fantastic journey? Vintage luggage is perfect for traveling, but it also works well for so many other things. Have you ever made anything with a piece?

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