Sunday, November 3, 2013

A is for . . .

A is for AMAZING!

I discovered this artist while on the search for new FB pages that I can like. Since I am the only one running Pin & Tack's FB page, it's nice to have the content come right to my feed, then I can share it with you.

Jordan Taylor Schwartz caught my interest right away with a series of shares on her Facebook page, showing a work in progress. (See below.) She creates art through paper cutting. Paper and blade is all she needs. She may actually go through several blades creating a single artwork. One piece took over 10 blades to complete!

"This one is so delicate. I hope I can finish it without tearing it!" - Jordan Taylor Schwartz

This piece took 4 blades to complete! Every piece of art Jordan creates is one of a kind. You will always have an original work. If you want to see her in action, she shares plenty of time-lapsed videos. As I said, it's simply amazing!

Did you know? Paper cutting is actually a very old art form, which is credited to the Chinese. It traveled to Europe in the 1500s and was called scherenschnitte, the art of "scissor snipping" or "scissor cutting."

So, are you going to give it a try, my crafty friends? I think I will leave this to the professionals or those with the patience. (The piece above was a day long project for Jordan!)

If you have any paper-cutting creations, please share them. I know we would love to see them!

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