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Vegan BBQ Bonanza: Tips To Creating A Memorable & "Finger Lickin' Good" Vegan Barbecue AND Free E-Book by Heather Rampolia)

3 Tips To Creating A Memorable & “Finger Lickin’ Good” Vegan Barbecue This Summer
Heather Rampolla, Raw And Not Alone

For me barbecues bring back memories of childhood, playing outdoors, the hot Florida summer heat, family laughter, and watermelon! Of course there is the food. That’s a very important factor too!

When I first became a vegan, I remember feeling some sadness thinking that I will never again taste my father’s chicken wings covered in his delicious BBQ sauce. Fast forward a few years, I am now a raw vegan and lovin’ it. Vegan Barbecue? Does it seem a little confusing to use the words barbecue and vegan in the same sentence? And how the heck does a raw foodist have a barbecue? 

Not to fret. I have a few tips up my sleeve to share with you today including delicious recipes and ideas to create your raw vegan “finger lickin’ good” backyard barbecue this summer. 

Tip #1: Re-invent your families favorite BBQ Sauce
The basic ingredients of most traditional BBQ sauces are: butter, tomato sauce, vinegar, spices, sugar, and sometimes mustard. 

When you break it down like this, it is easy to see how you can recreate these recipes into a vegan or even raw vegan version. For example, you can replace the butter with olive oil; the canned tomatoes with both sun-dried tomatoes and whole tomatoes; sugar with agave or other vegan sweetener, etc. 

If you have a family barbecue recipe, try to recreate it into a new vegan version. You might be surprised with how close it comes to the original, if not better. If you don’t have a recipe in the family, I’ve got a tried and true raw vegan barbecue sauce recipe for you below. 

Tip #2: Focus on creating memories
What do you think of when you hear the word “barbecue”? Often times it’s the nostalgia of a barbecue rather than eating meat. What are the best memories that come to mind? Is it a particular recipe or meal? Is it a game? Or is it the moments spent outdoors with family? Whatever it is that means the most to you- focus on creating that moment in your barbecue. 

For me it is spending quality time with my family and friends outdoors. A really tasty BBQ Sauce is a close second.

Tip #3: Keep it simple
Barbecues by their nature are not meant to be elaborate and fancy but relaxed. So put your hair in a ponytail, take a deep breath, and know that you can rock this barbecue vegan style while also keeping it simple. Don’t under estimate the simplicity of a watermelon and cantaloupe fruit bowl, or a sliced cucumbers, squash, and zucchini tray. You can easily dress these dishes up with a simple dip on the side if you feel the desire to do so.

If you’re like me, sometimes I can forget this “keep it simple” rule. We females have a tendency to put unnecessary pressure on ourselves and demand perfection in every detail. Let me tell you that your friends and family will not judge you for bringing such a simple dish. In fact, I bet they will wish they had thought of something so simple and relaxed while secretly admiring you.

Lastly, I wanted to leave you with a complete guide to planning a raw vegan barbecue. It includes 10 delicious recipes to celebrate with your family and friends this summer. These recipes are tried and true, and most are very simple. All for free, no strings attached! Trust me, you will want to try these amazing raw vegan dishes! Even if you don’t create every recipe, I know you will at least find one or two that inspire you for this summer.

Click here to download “Heather’s Backyard Barbecue Menu Planner––RAW Vegan Finger Lickin’ Recipes” now.

Your friend,
Heather Rampolla

(Heather lives in Florida with her husband Ron, and two step daughters. She is author of which is a resource to those who are on the raw vegan journey and is Shop Owner of Raw And Not Alone that features raw vegan chocolates.

All photos were provided by Heather, Raw And Not Alone. Do not copy, redistribute or use without permission.

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