Thursday, May 31, 2012

ONE POUND Handcrafted Vegan Soap For $10!

It is with a sad heart that I am closing my soap shop, Quinn Corrinne Soap Company. I am hoping it is only temporary, but I have limited time & am unable to continue this endeavor. If I do re-open my shop, it will be quite some time. However, I do have three pounds of handcrafted, vegan soaps that I am offering for a low, low price. These will be my last listings, so I have reduced their original price to clear out my studio.

For one pound of soap, it is only $10!
Free shipping for USA residents!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Alchemy Challenge #16: Fruitylicious

Another fun week at Tuesday Alchemy brings us the challenge of using fruit in any craft. I had these stickers that would be perfect for it & I'd been holding on to them for a while. My plans changed, though! Once I saw this "Perfect Pear" digital stamp from Meljen's Designs, I just had to use it.

Meljen's Designs is our sponsor at Tuesday Alchemy this week. So, you could win this stamp or whatever FOUR digital stamps you'd like by sharing a fruitylicious creation with us!

{PIN}spirational Challenge #9: Inspiration Photo

At {PIN}spirational Challenges, we are inspired by a beautiful photo of delicious treats & summer colors. From the moment I saw the photo, I knew what was going to be the focal point of my creation - Cupcakes! Yummy, sweet & pastel cupcakes.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Flowers, Flowers & More Flowers

I love flowers! Luckily, my garden has a wonderful mix of 'em. Of course, I have to wait for the season, but it is upon us. One of these days, I'll have to share my photos with you. Until then, this card will have to do . . .

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Dad & A Messed Up Dad

I just finished mowing my front & back yards. It's an absolutely gorgeous day for doing yard work. I'm tired now & I have shop business to attend to, so I will not be pulling weeds like I should. Posting this card is my break before I make & eat lunch, then finish a few orders.

This next card is actually the first one that I made. I do not like it at all. The red tag was too much & didn't compliment the rest of the color scheme. I tried to tone it down with paint, but that didn't work out for me. Also, the leaves just didn't look right to me. The card above is my second attempt. I kept the same papers, burlap & layout.

Messed Up Dad :)

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Jewelry Joy: Winner & Review

{ Review }

Jewelry Joy was the first event hosted here on Pin & Tack. It was definitely joyful with new & old friends joining everyday to share in the celebration of the art of jewelry. Thank you for making this special event fun :)

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to all of the contributors (listed in alphabetical order below.) They offered guest blogging, prizes, special shop offers, tutorials & more!

Claudia, Youniques, Guest Blogger with Special Shop Offer
Jeanine, Eweniques, Guest Blogger with Special Shop Offer
Julie, Blue Morning Expressions, Guest Blogger
Melissa, Uphill Dreams, Guest Blogger & Prize Sponsor
Momma Mosaics, Special Shop Offer
Nicole, YouEnhanced, Prize Sponsor
Robyn, thebyrd, Prize Sponsor
Susan, SKM Artworks, Guest Blogger with Special Shop Offer
Teenuja, BijouxLovlie, Guest Blogger with Special Shop Offer

If you enjoyed this event, wonderful! I did, too :) There are more to come. Next month, you are invited to join me for my Vegan Barbecue Bonanza - yummy recipes, prizes, tips & more will be offered by a variety of vegan contributors.

{ Winner }

There was only one person who followed all of the giveaway rules. She visited everyday to comment on each special Jewelry Joy content. For being such an active participant, she won all FOUR handmade jewelry prizes.

Congratulations, Tonya H!

Thank you! It was lovely to see you everyday :) To claim your prizes, Tonya, please contact me at with your information.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jewelry Joy: A Celebration Of The Art Of Jewelry - ENDED

This post will remain at the top until the Jewelry Joy event ends on May 26th.
Scroll down for new posts or look above for a link list to each Jewelry Joy post.
(Jewelry Joy posts are linked by the day of the week, so you can find them easily.)

Oh, jewelry, how do I love you . . . let me count the ways. Ok, so I will not be counting the ways because there are just too many! Jewelry is not just a way to make a fashion statement. It's a way to display your personal style. If you are a jewelry maker, it is the perfect way to use your creativity.

For this event, you will discover a new post everyday. I am SO happy with my contributors, who have provided joyful content such as artist spotlights, tutorials, giveaways & more! You will not be disappointed with this week as we take a little journey, celebrating the art of jewelry.

{ Giveaways }

By participating in this special event, you have a chance to win a variety of prizes from wonderful jewelry artists that have generously offered their creations to you.

{ Rules }
  • Be a follower of this blog.
  • Comment on each post for the Jewelry Joy event. (You have until Sunday, May 27th at 11:59pm Pacific to do this.) This only includes posts marked "Jewelry Joy" in their title.
For additional entries, you can also:
Winners will be randomly chosen from qualified entries on Wednesday, May 30th & announced the same day. To claim your prize, you must contact me at with your information by Tuesday, June 5th. If prize is unclaimed, another winner will be picked at random.

{ Prizes }

Blue & Green Glass Bead Stretch Bracelet
One Of A Kind, 7.25" Medium

Here is your chance to own something almost as unique as yourself! This beautiful bracelet is handmade by Melissa of Uphill Dreams. The glass beads are diverse in color & shape, so no two bracelets are alike. Since the beads are so unique, it is interesting to look at as well as to touch. This piece will compliment any outfit!

Blue & Green Abstract Pendant Necklace

This beautiful necklace was created by me - Corrinne of Pin & Tack. With an abstract design, this piece will add lots of interest to your outfit. It's a clean & simple creation, but has so much shiny silver & beautiful blues that it is just stunning!

Blue Braided Leather Bracelet

TheByrd is introducing a more rugged addition to their shop, dubbed Torgos. These are braided genuine leather, triple wrap-around bracelets with silver chain that give an edge to any style. This particular bracelet is in a calm blue with rose petal drops and Swarovski teardrops in Crystal and Tanzanite. Torgos are simple bracelets that will add a natural and organic flair to your wardrobe this summer!

Everyday Flower Bracelet

This silver-plated bracelet is simply beautiful. It's perfect for any occasion, such as a wedding, bridal shower gift or to wear everyday. It's a wonderful example of YouEnhanced's fun, classic & minimal jewelry collections. 

Jewelry Joy: A Ewenique Look At Jewelry Storage

Once you have a collection of your favorite jewelry pieces, you can't just toss them in a drawer. Jeanine of Eweniques offers repurposed creations that will add lots of shabby chic & vintage style while keeping your jewelry safely stored. She has shared a bit about herself & her craft with us . . .   

Hello, everyone! My name is Jeanine and I am a proud mom of two beautiful children Jake and Hayley who are grown, college degreed, and on their own. I am also happily married to my husband who I fell in love with when we were both 18!

I have always loved painting furniture and distressing it, and have sold many many pieces! But when we moved to a small house without a garage I kept seeing these vintage jewelry boxes at the thrift stores and thought how much they looked like miniature furniture pieces, and well you guessed it, it has become my new obsession!

Each piece has its own personality. I love choosing the paint color and decorative papers for each one. No two are alike! Each one gets a coat of my own homemade chalk paint, then it is sanded, distressed, waxed and buffed for years of durability! It is always a joy to be able to put your favorite pair of earrings in such a special place!

Please check out my shop, Eweniques, and receive a 15% discount (mention this when you purchase) on any jewelry box listing!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Jewelry Joy: The Art Of Balancing - Susan Miller, SKM Artworks

SKM Artworks --- the art of balancing the many sides of me.
by Susan Miller - founder SKM Artworks

As someone who’s always had a passion for art and crafting, you’d think I would’ve headed straight in that direction careerwise. The idea of listening to an inner voice directing me towards an inspired career I’d love wasn’t one I was familiar with. So off to college to earn a business degree, onto a great job developing great business skills with much financial success but no happy inner voice. Okay, a voice is starting to stir in there - career change!!

{ Susan Miller - Founder of SKM Artworks }
Back to graduate school to earn a masters in social work. This I LOVE and find rewarding, but should I have listened to the not so inner voice of my husband predicting I’d get the degree, get pregnant and never use it? Well, maybe... because that’s kind of what happened. I became the stay at home mom I always wanted to be for my kids and did not return to a career in social work. BUT then again, my passion for social work is ingrained in my handmade jewelry business.

In 2010 I began SKM Artworks as an outlet for my creativity with the mission to create gorgeous wearable art. I soon discovered that this adventure could also be a great outlet for the social worker side of me. After researching companies with reputations for doing well while doing good, I knew that this was for me. SKM Artworks would offer gorgeously unique handmade jewelry that would convey individual style while making the woman FEEL as good as she looked - because she’s contributing to the greater good through her purchases.
{ Edgy Princess Cuff }
So, aside from supporting many great local causes through product donations, I’ve also developed several pieces with sales supporting fantastic causes: iHug WristhugIgniteOasis. ( See our Causes page for the juicy details). I LOVE THESE TYPES OF COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS! What a fulfilling way to balance the many sides of me; the artist, the social worker and the business woman. Yep, those business skills sure come in handy now, too!
{ Ignite - Supports for Kula For Karma }
{ iHug Wristhug - Supports the International Help Uganda Grow  (IHUG) Foundation }
{ Oasis - Supports Oasis, a Haven For Women & Children }
Oh, and did I mention those other sides of me? The nature loving, textile weaving, obsessive jewelry maker? That part’s easy... The nature inspired feel I love, works so seamlessly with my materials of choice; certified-green natural leathers and waxed linens that we hand-weave with an endless array of gorgeous precious and semi-precious stones, luminous pearls, and precious metals incorporating original and found treasures. 
The result? Handwoven jewelry that possesses an earthy organic quality that feels as if it was grown rather than made; rustic and meaningful with a luxury twist.
{ Spring }
And finally, through lot’s of trial and error, SKM Artworks has taught me how to balance all these sides of me with the most important side - my family side. I’ve somehow managed, through tons of support from my husband/CFO and three wonderful sons, to balance a thriving home life with a thriving work life. Having a home studio and working with a staff of other amazing artisans/stay-at-home moms (Jodi and Aishling - couldn’t do it without you!) has led to such a flexible, supportive and FUN work environment. So rather than feeling split, I get to balance all sides of me and I wouldn’t have SKM Artworks any other way! Inner voice HAPPY!!!!!
{ Stranded }
And to honor that Happy Inner voice, we’re offering coupon code “HappySKM20” to receive 20% off your first purchase at SKM Artworks. Valid through June 30, 2012. Buy something special to wear this summer that makes you happy!
Come LIKE us on facebook, follow Susan on Pinterest and Twitter @SKMartworks. There’s always something going on!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Cubed

Good morning, friends! It's cold here in Oregon AND it's probably going to rain, but it's still a good morning because it just gives me an excuse to stay inside & create. Luckily, this Memorial weekend is supposed to be sunny & warm. I'll be enjoying the outdoors - No crafting! This is always a little weird for me, but it's also important to take a break.

I am addicted to creating those flowers! They are oh, so easy & I have so many supplies for them that I could make a MILLION - No joke :)

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Jewelry Joy: Dangle Chain Earrings - A Tutorial By Julie of Blue Morning Expressions

Dangle Chain Earrings 
By Julie L. Cleveland of Blue Morning Expressions
These earrings can be created in less than 30 minutes. 
Level: Beginner

2 – 10mm beads (I have used a pair of polymer clay beads that I created for this tutorial)
2 – 6mm beads (I am using Aquamarine Swarovski Bi-cone crystals)
2 – 4mm beads (I am using Purple Swarovski Bi-cone crystals) 
Chain – at least 9 inches of chain of your choice (I am using Blue Moon curb chain) 
2 – Earwires (I am using French Hook earwires)
6 – 2 inch 21 gauge headpins 
4 – 6-10mm bead caps or spacer beads of your choice (I am using silver plated flower bead caps)

Wire cutters
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
Please note that my tools are old, worn out and useful to me. They are probably not the proper ones for all projects, but they work for me and my needs. 
Thread your beads onto the headpins. The 10mm will have a bead cap or spacer first, then the bead, then the bead cap or spacer on top. 
Measure your chain and cut two pieces 2 inches apiece, two pieces 1 ½ inches apiece and the last two pieces will be 1 inch apiece. Once you have the first piece cut, count the links and cut your next piece with exactly the same number of links. 

One of my 10mm beads show what these will look like once you create a loop to make your eyepin for all your beads. 
In order to make an eyepin, you must first bend your wire so it sits on the top of your bead. You can either use a pair of pliers to set them flush with the top, or you can use your fingers. The 21 gauge is soft enough to bend by hand.  In the next few photos, I am going to show you the basics of creating an eyepin loop. However, I am unable to photo all the steps, so I will explain them. 
With your headpin bent flush to the top, cut the wire to a length that is relative to the end of your finger. I know this is not scientific, but it works for me to create the right size for looping.  I do not know why it seems to work, but it does. 

This next step requires you to continue to hold your bead and take your round nose pliers and grasp the end of the wire.  This photo shows the pliers on the end of the wire. Turn the pliers a half turn towards the bead. You will have a little hook. The nose of your pliers will be on the inside of that little hook. You may want to shift your pliers a bit to complete the round loop, but you want to roll the wire towards the bead for a nice round loop.  With a little practice, you will get a nice and even loop every time. 

Complete loops on all your beads to create eyepins for the beads to be attached to the chains. 

You want to add each bead to the end of their respective chains. Do not open the chain, instead, use the eyepins and open them the way you would a jumpring. You open a jumpring by opening one side towards you and one side away from you to create a smooth opening without distorting the ring. You close the loop by doing the opposite as opening. You need to make sure that the loop is completely closed.

All of your beads are now on chains and ready to go onto the earwires. 
I chose a pair of French earwires with balls, springs and an eyepin loop at the end. I hold the earwires, so that the ball and spring is under my thumb to keep it from sliding down into the loop. 
I open the loop the same way we do a jumpring.  You can see the loop and it has a slight split in it in order to open the loop.  Here is the loop open. 
Keep in mind that the loop opens on the outside of the earwire, so whatever is added to the loop is loaded longest goes in first because it will sit in the back of the loop when the earrings are worn.

We will take all our chains and load them onto the loop. 
First we put our 2 inch chain on the loop. We then add the 1 ½ inch chain onto the loop. Last, we add the 1 inch chain onto the loop. 
Then we close the loop the same way we opened it, from side to side.

Finish both earwires the same way for a quick pair of earrings for a fun night out.

I hope that you have enjoyed this project and that you create a sassy pair of new earrings for your next night out. 

Julie L. Cleveland is a polymer clay bead artist and freelance writer. She has owned Blue Morning Expressions for 8 years and her beads have been seen in Stringing, Beadstyle, Polymer Clay CafĂ© and Beads 2011 editor picks. She lives in Florida and is currently on a long-term vacation in the mountains of Montana. She can be found at Blue Morning Expressions,, Polymer Clay Beads, BME Blog, PC Canes Blog & Checked In Today Guild.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wish You Were Here

It's always difficult for me to make masculine cards. I mean, really, there are SO many sweet embellishes & colors for females! How could I not want to use beautiful flowers, sparkling rhinestones, glitter & all of those pretty pinks?

Well, here is a little shout to the men. A masculine color scheme, wood beads, twine & a shell. All are neutral, dark & manly, I think.

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Aloha! from The Hippo Twins

This creation was inspired by my love of Kauai. I was lucky enough to vacation there a few years back. It would be the first time that I actually wore a bikini. Hee hee . . . I'm just not a bikini kind of girl. I looked fine, but I just like a little more "coverage."

Jewelry Joy - Paper Beads & Bijoux Lovlie

I came across this wonderful blog quite by accident, Veganlovlie. It's a versatile blog by Teenuja with lots interesting things from recipes to tutorials to musings. She caught my eye instantly with a fabulous tutorial on how to create your own paper beads.

Teenuja was happy to answer a few questions about herself & her craft along with sharing her paper bead tutorial with us. You can find the full tutorial here.

How did you get into the art of jewelry making? 

I got into jewelry making really unexpectedly. I was looking for a specific pendant as a gift for my boyfriend and I couldn’t find one. You know when you have a picture in your mind and nothing is matching up to it! So, I decided to look for some red earth clay (which I've worked with before in my art classes during my school days) that I could mould and sculpt into that particular shape I wanted. While searching for an online supply, I happened to fall on polymer clay which was unknown to me at that time. After reading a bit about it and seeing what other people were making with it, I decided to get polymer clay instead (of earth clay). So that was how it all started. I made my first pendant for my boyfriend.

Then afterward, as I gained more experience handling polymer clay, I started liking it and began to explore.

What is your favorite thing about it?  

What I like about handling and moulding clay is that I find it really relaxing. It is my evening and weekend hobby when I’m not doing my day job. Polymer clay is also very versatile and creativity is limited only to your imagination.

What is your least favorite thing? 

I’ve never thought about that. I don’t have anything that I don’t like about it because I have no expectation on the outcome of this. I am not pressured into producing something within a certain deadline. I enjoy every moment while I’m doing my crafts so the very moment itself is what brings me joy. Every piece made contains so much love and happiness.

What do you do when you are not creating? 

When I’m not creating? Well, quite literally I’m creating something else! I have a multitude of things that I love doing and sometimes I really have a hard time choosing which one to give in to at the present moment. I really love cooking, writing recipes and styling food. Then shooting them for my blog. I am passionate about photography and would welcome the opportunity to learn more about it. So sometimes, I am just walking around shooting stuffs: the bumble bee on the balcony flowers, the fresh spring blooms, any random scenery, the moon, just about anything! I also like sewing, making my own clothes. I've still got to make more use of my sewing machine. Then I work as a graphic ui designer, so I still can’t get away from creating!

But when I’m really not actively creating anything, I like to relax and energize with a bit of yoga and stretching.
I find it quite calming to also sit quietly sometimes doing just nothing. There is a little corner in my living room which I’ve surrounded by plants. Whenever I need a moment I just sit in that corner and spend some time with myself, maybe just gazing at a soft candle light. Doing nothing in this way is a great healer, pacifier and sometimes a source of inspiration too.

To conclude, I would say that when we engage in what we are naturally suited to do, our activities become like play and in playing we stimulate our creativity. So play on, play on! You can follow me on my blog, on Facebook or Twitter and you can have a look at my Etsy store.


Teenuja is offering discount at her shop, BijouxLovlie. Use Coupon Code: PINANDTACK20 at checkout until Wednesday, May 30th.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jewelry Joy - Claudia of Youniques: An Artist's Story

We all know that one person can change your life, sending you on a path that you may not have taken otherwise. When it inspires your creativity, there is nothing better! My special guest, Claudia, shares her story, an example of just how this happens, with us today . . .

My name is Claudia Rapp, I come from a very small and beautiful country, Guatemala! I came to the USA in 1996. My mother is a very strong and hardworking woman, my father a carpenter/handyman who knows how to do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! I’m married to a very beautiful man and live in the high desert of ActonCalifornia. I love animals and live on a “little farm” myself (or “petting zoo” as my husband calls it). I have a very special and unique family and consider myself a very lucky and blessed!

I was exposed to crafting from a very early age on, in school as well as at home.  I learned knitting, stitching, crocheting, sewing, handmade greeting cards, crafting, baking, cooking, and pretty much anything else you could possible need to become a perfect housewife one day! I love it all with the exception of cooking… My father is one my biggest inspirations and has thought me so much about wood as well.

How did I get into handmade jewelry? My very first job in the USA was for a small business named “THE SILVER CORNER” that sold silver jewelry from Tasco GuerreroMexico. I learned a lot about sterling silver there and fell in love their designs!

The Youniques Ring was designed by my husband 12 years ago, a project of his that he dropped when other things came along. When I met him he gave me one of the rings he had left over and I immediately started creating/designing elements for it to match my outfits (and I received lots of compliments J). My husband (boyfriend back then) said that he had a box full of rings left and that I could have them, if I wanted to. So, I took a few rings and started doing my very unique elements and giving them away as gifts to my friends. They loved it! And they asked me to make more elements for them. With all the positive feedback I was suggested to sell them.

After getting married in 2007 and moving to our little home a year later, I finally got the box that my husband had offered me back then and was ready to start this new journey. With all the support from my husband and friends here I am. I have been working with a lot of different material such as 100% wool felt, leather, wood, cork, etc. and I can’t stop thinking of new ideas and designs. I enjoy every second of it! I recently added the BLING COLLECTION – 13 beautiful different colors of crystallized filigrees to choose from and I am working on my next collection … “Leather” so stay tuned … also, I will be adding some leather cuffs to match the Youniques Leather Rings!

What I love the most about HANDMADE is that every single item has this one-of-a-kind magical touch. In every element and ring style I create is a part of me. I love that with Youniques, I can combine the things I'm passionate about: crafts, happy colors, photography, and designing. And I’m glad that I can help the planet a little bit by recycling scraps and using them for my work.

With so many ideas and designs waiting to become reality, I am in the process of opening a second shop where I can add all my other handmade creations…
~♥ Join the HANDMADE revolution ♥~

Thank you, Claudia, for sharing your journey & your craft with us!

To see more of Claudia's creations, you can go to Youniques. She is offering a wonderful special to my blog readers! Receive $10 off your order AND Free Shipping*. Use Coupon Code: BLOGGERDISE. 

* Note: Coupon code is for free shipping only and expires 6/30/12. To receive $10 off, you must contact Claudia before making a purchase by 7/31/12.