Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Am A Guest Cupcake!

I was surprised this morning when I checked my email & there was a note from Cupcake Craft Challenges. Have you been by there? If not, you most certainly should stop by.

Cupcake Craft Challenges is a sweet & yummy (yep, just think of a cupcake) craft challenge blog that I've been quite fond of. I've been a Cupcake Cutie AND a prize winner over there, which is always amazing. And now they have invited me to join them as a guest designer for June. Well, of course, I said "YES!" Isn't that awesome? I am very excited!

So, my wonderful friends, don't forget to check me out there in June :) I am now a Guest Cupcake - That's just the best title ever :)


Sonia said...

Wow wow wow!!!Congrats Corinne!!! I follow you forever :)
Hugs and kisses,

Pin And Tack said...

Thank you, Sonia! It's going to be fun AND some work, but I'm up to the challenge. I can't miss out on spreading my crafting love to the world at large. Ha ha ha!

Katya- Ангел ф кедах said...

Congrats Corrinne!!! I follow them too and I've been a cupcake cutie too, so I can't wait too see your work for their lovely blog.

Pin And Tack said...

Thank you, Katya! I saw the badge on your blog - Fantastic!